A little about the author

Jayska has always had a way with words, even at a young age. Her talent then, was only an adolescent like herself- bright and full of potential. To close friends and family, she’s considered a Houdini with words for the way she’s able to escape from any sticky situation. “You should become a lawyer…” her mother would so adamantly say during those moments, “…because you just have an excuse for everything” …And it was true, she always did know just what to say.

Upon the realization that words can contain a tremendous amount of value; communication became a fascination. It was then that her passion for them ignited. The way that words can be rearranged or manipulated to describe or even cause a feeling or thought, is what really sparked her interest. It permanently changed her dynamic on the saying “actions speak louder than words”. Considering that even the softest spoken words can be hard to swallow; meant that words definitely hold weight. They can be powerful enough to promote others to be positive and muster up motivation or discontentment and sadness. Regardless of the emotion, the idea that so many variables can affect the way we communicate, feel and express ourselves, is was then created the flame.

What started off as your typical journal entry for personal release and peace of mind; evolved into something much deeper for her. 1-subject notebooks permanently resided in her purse; along with a hand full of pens- should her thoughts run deeper than the ink. It was kept handy for recording all her observations, concerns, and ideas; gathered through the many adventures she’s had- traveling from Yonkers to surrounding NYC borough’s. She became exposed to a variety of platforms used to creatively express your-self and grew fond of the underlying bond that stood between each of them. It was no surprise that Jayska would later begin a love affair with the Arts. Fashion, poetry, painting/drawing, and especially music- tapped into all different parts of her soul.

The love for these outlets added more fuel to the fire than ever; giving her inspiration for her own work of art. It pushed her once flirtatious imagination, life experiences, and journalistic observations to quit messing around and begin a full blown committed relationship. She was now “married with Children”, and couldn’t have one without the other. Equipped with new information, Jayska set off on a hunt for the hidden riches that lied within the depths of these subjects, like buried treasure. Now knee deep in the sands of imagination and creativity, she was compelled to keep digging and become more knowledgeable. The desire to discover more continuously grew in conjunction with her passion. She became an explorer of talent, creativity, and eccentric expression.

The horizon was expanding for her and right over it was a new sun emerging. She could now see the light. Over time, Jayska noticed that many of the gifted artists and entrepreneurs she had crossed paths with, have gone unnoticed or underappreciated.
Through the use of her own talent, she shares with us her personal experiences, as well as the stories of those she has encountered along her ever-lasting journey. All in hopes of uplifting those devoted to their dream; she brings the underground to the attention of the mainstream, in the midst of chasing her own.


3 thoughts on “A little about the author”

  1. raymond santos said:

    I’m so proud of you …. Don’t know what to say !!! I guess viva la revolucion !!!! might cover it !

  2. It was a pleasure meeting you last night. I’m sorry you had to leave before getting a chance to see Saiah perform. I look forward to hearing from you, though. Talk to you soon.

    • Hi michelle! I want to go to your atrist next show, to check his talent out! let me know if you have anything coming up!

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