The old saying is “Tomorrow isn’t promised and we must live today like it’s our last” and although that may be true, I’d have to somewhat disagree. See, some of us wouldn’t care about what we did today, if we didn’t have to face the consequences of tomorrow.

I say live each day with purpose. Understand that each decision you make can help shape you. There isn’t a lot we can control in life… not even how or when God will decide to call us home, but we can control how we live each day. We can choose to make it meaningful, even through all the heartache and pain. Just know it’s all worth it. Every second of it. Each day you wake up, you are blessed with a new opportunity for growth; to learn from the past, apply it in the present, and to prepare for a brighter future. Don’t waste it.

Happy Birthday to Me! It’s been a hell of a ride so far and I’m looking forward to another 365 opportunities, God willing.

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