My father taught me yet another valuable lesson the other day… It’s never too late to go after what you truly want. At the age of 57 he left his secured position at a well-established company, to peruse an even better career opportunity. This dream job, like many, came with a risk. The extensive training program he would have to attend daily (for over a month) meant leaving his current job with no guarantees. He would also have to endure weekly tests to ensure he comprehended all the material taught to him and even one failed test could compromise his chances for the position. The pressure was surely on. I watched him study like crazy after being out of an educational setting for over 30 years. On top of declaring himself as one of those “school isn’t for me” types. Despite sleepless nights, he went in everyday ready to kick ass. He was the first one up each morning so he could arrive to training early and the last one to go to bed – making sure he thoroughly reviewed his study materials. In the end, all his hard work and dedication paid off and he was offered the position. I’ll never forget the humble smirk on his face when he showed us his badge.  It was this glow he had about him that left a lasting impression on me. I could tell he was happy, feeling accomplished, and I couldn’t have been happier for him. The “I DID IT!!” sparkle in his eyes was priceless and in that moment I was reminded to never give up, no matter how scary or crazy life can get. He had truly inspired me to continue fighting the good fight and pursue my dreams. Always.