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Often times my car is my solace. I dive into deep thought on my drive home from work or anywhere really; zoned out. Music blaring.  I contemplate my next move on the open road, while evaluating my last; always questioning “what else can be done?”  Lately, I’ve found myself wondering more about the “should”, than the “can”.  What should I be doing in life? What is my purpose?  While reflecting on my 9-5 I wonder if I got it right. I enjoy what I do for a living; I’m able to help people and it’s rewarding in many ways.  Sure I don’t get to write, unless I count case notes, but that’s OK right? I do have my blog that I’m able to share as I please and in whatever format I choose. That’s got to stand for something, right?

As you can probably tell so far by this post, it isn’t enough.  Isn’t it the dream to cash in on your talents, though? The ultimate career where your job makes you feel like you never worked a day in your life because this is what you do! It’s apart of you, like your DNA. I want that feeling. I know I’m an excellent case manager that takes my job seriously and performs it thoroughly.  I get satisfaction from giving back to the community and I can’t lie- it pays the bills, but getting paid to write would be beyond amazing. I imagine being able to travel the world, immersing myself in other cultures, and sharing my experiences. Ah, what a wonderful life that would be. At last the wheels are still turning; still thinking of ways I can bring this vision to fruition. Who knows, maybe I will find a way to do both and bridge the gap. Never the less, stay tuned.