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I wouldn’t say I haven’t had much time to write, but in my mind it’s never the right time. I’ve been questioning lately whether it’s a loss of passion, a distraction, or pure laziness. I still haven’t decided. What I do know is that I haven’t stopped working on the “Jayska” name; I’ve just been concentrating on other things. Still positive. Still building. Just differently. I’ll be honest though (as I always am), I miss it. Sometimes I click on an empty word doc, eager to write, but feeling like I have nothing to say. It’s funny because when I’m not staring at an empty page and blinking cursor, I have tons of things to discuss. Topics just flowing; opinions locked and loaded-ready to start debates. Something always happens that I don’t actually follow through, though. See how it just brings me back to those three categories? Anyway, I remember my cousin Joey once gave me some advice about writers block, which I’m leaning towards chalking this whole thing up to and it also seems super appropriate for this situation. He told me “Cuz, sometimes you gotta just put the pen to paper and write anything. Don’t lose your voice. Whatever comes to mind -just let it flow.” He also made sure to tell me that whatever comes out might not be a work of art either, but the point was to exercise my mind and skills. So this is me, practicing what was told to me… and patience. Thanks for exercising yours, for me.