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Everything your saying sounds like a lie,
Like you rather die a horrible death,
Than to speak the truth to save you from taking your last breath,
This situation surely put my strength and spirit to the test,
And I’m not going to lie like you,
I failed and there’s nothing anyone can do,
To save me from the heartbreak
that felt like a small earthquake in my chest,
And yes there were casualties,
Yesterday I laid my heart down to rest.
It’s a shame you couldn’t be honest and confess,
You love to be apologetic,
But never making changes,
Seems like you just don’t get it.
The fact that I’ve told you so many times makes it pathetic.
I guess I should just accept it,
That things will never be how I dreamed they’d be,
Together forever living happily.
You turned that dream into a nightmare
that scary movies can’t compare,
to the horror u caused,
the joy I lost and can never be found,
Consider everything we ever built just got burned to the ground.
Remnants of your love will eventually disappear,
just like when the smoke clears,
But mines will stick with you to the end,
and it will be you that’s left in tears.