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The rage that builds up inside of me is immeasurable.

Like a dark power more intense than the devil himself,

Unable to see past the destruction I want to cause,

Unable to see I need help.

My aim in that moment is to inflict more pain on whoever caused me the same,

It’s something that burns inside of me,

More severe than an inextinguishable flame,

I can feel the heat course through my veins,

Feeding my dark soul but cutting off circulation to my brain,

Unable to see past my pain,

I pull the trigger and give in to this force,

Not caring of the consequences to come from this course of action,

Forgetting about others and surrendering to my immediate satisfaction,

Only to realize that once the fire dies out and all that are left are ashes,

What I’ve done will haunt me forever, unable to get past it.

Heart even more fractured than when it was burning,

Never learning that it always ends the same way on these journeys,

Reflective thoughts of disappointment and self-loathing,

With unreasonable expectations of growth,

Wanting it to come as easy as I change my clothes,

But I know that will never happen,

Look how easy it is for me to get wrapped in,

Like my rationality was kidnapped,

A danger to myself and others,

God save me,

Pray for me my sisters and my brothers.