There has been so many transitions happening that it is too hard to keep up. What amazes me, is that with all this commotion I don’t find time to write, but when I do it’s so soothing. Kind of begs the question, why not go straight for that release (I’m still figuring that one out). Never the less, I’m here! Hey guys! 

So I’m sure your wondering what’s been going on and what transitions I’m speaking of. Well, I’ll tell you.  I just recently started a new job! Now as happy as I am to be making money and being a productive member of society, it still saddens me that it is not what I want to do for 8 hours a day. I am so grateful to have a job in this economy, when it is extremely difficult to obtain one… Plus I will be giving back to the community which I like. However, it’s JUST a job. My mind right now is somewhere between sacrifice/appreciation and the desire for more; the want to really purse my dreams and aspirations. I want to truly enjoy what I do for a living (don’t we ALL?!). 

With that being said, I’ve made the decision to apply to a graduate program and further my education. I picked a really cool and exciting program that I believe will give me the tools necessary to pursue my career of choice. I’m ready to get back in the there and be better prepared for battle, so to speak. I’m really anxious to begin and I’m crossing my fingers that I’m accepted (which I think I will be lol). 

Wish me luck guys!