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I am in a world of shit, but I’m alive and I am not afraid.
I ate a bowl of nails this morning and washed it down with some lemonade.
Some say it’s a curse to be so detached, but to me it’s just a blessing.
Like the way she sits and prays dipped down in the devils dresses.
I must say, this is truly a confession…
The duality of my happy life mixed with depression.
Better days are on the horizon…But until I find em…
It’s God graces that carry me,
Not allowing me to confuse real with fantasy.
Like I cant ignore the black roots that stem from my family tree.
“The struggles all that’s really real” is what a rich wise man once said to me, With a half drunken bottle and glaze in his eyes,
reminiscent of an out of reach prize,
His last words to me were- “don’t let life pass you by; make peace with your sacrifices before the eve of your demise”,
Leaving me with my eyes wide,
It was then that I realized…what is life.
It’s finding that silver lining within the struggle and strive,
Striving for love, happiness, and health.
Not trading it all for the material wealth.

*With special thanks to Anthony Sanchez (co-writer of this piece)