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Respect my hustle.
‘Cause we all on the grind,
You workin for that shine,
I’m workin to feed mine,
Life for these fake ass gangsters is all about the glitz and the glamour,
Slangin on that block,
Grippin on that hammer,
For me…it’s the stamina,
Tryna keep up, even wit all this tough luck,
Fighting back so the world won’t drown you,
Walking a straight path despite the influences around you,
Choosing to work hard instead of the fast money,
Choosing to sacrifice now so tomorrow you can live lovely,
We are the true Gs,
That move in silence wit no violence,
Were about progression,
Leaving the street life behind us,
And I can’t stress enough how much more courage it takes to do right,
Thugs scream by any means,
But a job ain’t in that description,
Half assin that motto with so much conviction,
But I bet half of y’all won’t make the distinction,
Between the real and the fake,
The ones truly breaking their back for their kids sake,
Compared to those that put their freedom on the line sellin dubs and dimes,
When they had a choice to do better,
End up going to jail and change their whole life forever,
All over some cheddar they’re gunna spend at the club,
Poppin bottles to impress these fake ass models that are only after ya dollars,
Do yourselves a favor and take heed to this warning,
Honestly work hard for yours,
The right life is far from boring and 10 times more rewarding.