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Lately Life has been on my mind. Not the everyday struggle like bills and relationships, but the bigger picture. How we are here one day and gone another. It has made me realize a lot. Of course I have to thank all of life’s struggles to get me to this place, this frame of mind, but never the less I’m here.

Through all the ups and downs, the thought of my future, and careless decisions… I’ve come to the conclusion that in the end I JUST want to be happy. I want to find some peace and make the most of my life while I still can. I want to make as many memories and spend time with the people that really matter. I still have goals and will try my hardest to accomplish them, but suddenly being a famous writer ( a past goal of mine) doesn’t mean that much to me. What I mean to say is, it’s not the end of the world for me. Mediocrity hasn’t become my motto but I guess I have different priorities now. I’ve truly realized what brings me joy and what really matters to me. My family, my boyfriend, and my friends. They are what makes my life worth living. Being able to experience life with them and create beautiful and wonderful memories. That’s what brings a smile to my face. Yes writing does something for me no other job has ( which is why I continue to write) but if I don’t ever become famous or have a huge house or drive a crazy expensive car… I’m ok with that. I’m rich in so many other ways… Ways that I feel are actually…Well richer. I’m just no longer concerned with having to impress anyone; worry about what my fellow classmates have done with themselves. Whether they “made it” and I got left behind. The fact that I’ve made this discovery for myself makes me feel like I’ve gained so much more than any job or college could of ever given me. I’ve never really appreciated my hardships because well falling down always sucks. However, now I’ve seen the wonder and strength it takes to get up. I see how it has shaped me and given me so much. I’ve become wiser, less prideful, and more caring.

Overall, I’m happy about the person I’ve become and the direction I’m going in. The possibilities now seen endless and the pressure is definitely off my back. Ultimately I’m in love with this new found happiness and my new “American dream”. It is a true pursuit of happiness.