Sometimes I get so annoyed at the behavior of others that it ruins my day. I know that I shouldn’t but at times I can’t help it. Or at least it feels that way. I just can not tolerate disrespect of any form. People disrespecting me, themselves or others… It disgusts me. Now I’m no saint so I know I’ve definitely disrespected other people.. But only cause they had it coming to them. I am not a rude or disrespectful person. I am kind and thoughtful! I never set out to hurt anyone and the times that I have I’ve been shown my wrong doings, I apologized for them. I admit when I’m wrong and I try and make it right. But what about the “I don’t give a F” people!?! Can’t stand those!! Who exactly do you think you are that you can just speak to anyone however you please. Completely and utterly disgraceful, but most importantly unacceptable! I haven’t always had a loud mouth but because of my history of not always sticking up for myself… This time around make no mistake about it; you will hear this loud ass Dominican tell you about yourself! Why should I hold it in? Carry this weight? Think about it all day!? Nope! Not I! I chose to say something and let it be known that it will not go down like that! I refuse to be weak! Now don’t get it twisted. Sometimes silence is just as powerful, but only in the right moments. Not that I have an example of such but im sure there is a scenario where that applies.. But for the most part speak up! I guess we all must learn to choose our battles and know which one to exercise; do I go charging at the person full force or do I just give someone enough rope to hang themselves. Either way the point is that the disrespect should never go unnoticed and unaddressed in someway! You can not continuously allow for people to walk all over you! You must always stand up for yourself! Unfortunately we are in a society that is “every man for themselves” like when you used to play tag as a kid. No teams. No partners. Just you! A one man team that must protect yourself against enemy forces. Yes, you can say God is with you at all times… But religion is a whole different topic that we won’t get into right now. So for arguments sake lets just say physically your alone. You may or may not have support from friends and strangers (forget about it) are even more reluctant to help another stranger. So this is it! You.. Your one man army.. against the world! Protect yourself. Take care of yourself. Dare I even repeat a line from kindergarten/first grade: treat others as you would like to be treated! And for those that don’t follow that rule.. Just know your attitude will catch up with you and there is someone in the world that’s even more rude than you are. You will meet your match and be taken on a whole new ride of disrespect. Most likely karma will show you how it feels to be in the place of those who may have crossed your path or people like you.. And i can tell you one thing… You will NOT like it. Good luck to you though.. And I pray you learn your lesson. For the rest of you living on my side of the fence: don’t be taken for a ride. Stand up for yourself and what you believe in. Respect yourself enough to demand that others show you that level of respect as a person. We all deserve that! If you see someone struggling to protect themselves, lend a helping hand. You might empower them enough to begin doing it themselves and even helping others.. Hear I go stealing another line (this time from our lovely MTA) “if you see something, say something” but apply that to this instead of suspicious packages and you get my drift! All in all we should learn to take care of ourselves and each other (that maybe a quote from Jerry springer… I am on a roll today lol) – Much love and respect to everyone!