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Life has a funny way of showing us things that we need to know. Most times we are given a clearer picture of things through tragedy, despair, and heartache. In the moment we can’t fathom how we will survive it, over come it, and heal from it. Yet most times we do. Just remember- “this too shall pass”. Whether you are going trough relationship issues, trouble at work, or down and out because your looking for a job… This too shall pass. I know it can be easier said than done; to be positive and upbeat about a low situation, but it can be done. Having a better understanding of needing the downs of life to help appreciate and uplift you when life has you riding high will also assist you through these trying times. Someone once told me we need the dirt, the grime, the pure shit- to help fertilize our seeds.. And that will stick with me forever. The message was that those negatives are also the things that help us grow. It’s not always going to be as translucent and free flowing as water… Sometimes we have to endure the shit to help us develop and prosper to the best person we truly can be. We all have a purpose on this earth that we are here to fulfill and with each waking day, step we take, & bump in the road we are that much closer to finding ourselves. Embrace it! Embrace yourself. Appreciate who you are and what you have to offer. Learn about yourself through the events of life and challenge yourself to be better. Try not to beat yourself up about it but always, AlWAYS be true to yourself and your feelings. Acknowledge what you know you need help with and work on it. Admit to your mistakes and correct them. But most importantly forgive yourself. So if you’ve been down and out or feel down on your luck- keep your head up! Have faith in yourself! Things will work out and improve if you put your mind into it and believe in yourself… The possibilities are endless.