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Like any artist just entering the business, DJs start off at the bottom as well. Usually, beginners run into issues like finding a venue that will let them “strut their stuff” so to speak. Clubs and bars are interested in the “established DJ” and in most cases venues will charge the DJ if they do not have a large following. They may even require for a guestlist to be fulfilled, like a body count contract. This leaves the new comers with the question- “where do I go to gain experience and a following? Well, if these sort of examples have been your experience, prepare yourself for something new and the answer to that question too…image (2) Thanks to Kyle Haynes aka DJ ThecainMarko somethings are going to change, and for the better. He has successfully created a DJing show case called “Itchy Fingers”, held at the No Malice Palace (N.M.P) in L.E.S, just for this purpose. As an up in coming DJ himself, he has realized the struggles many are going through and decided to do something about it for the whole community. “I noticed that trying to find a DJing gig in the city can be hard if you don’t have any connections and that it is easy to get sucked into DJing showcases where you have to pay a promoter to perform, or you have to fill up a guestlist in order to play. I think all that red-tape is unnecessary and wanted to create something that is more accessible to the up and coming DJ.” And that he did…image The showcase allows each person more than significant time to show off their skills and practice engaging the crowd. 4-6 DJs are selected and featured each month, but best of all it is free to the public! No gimmicks, no bullsh*t. Not to mention it’s also a perfect opportunity to build contacts and network with other DJs in the crowd. The environment at the venue is completely welcoming, laid back, and theirs always a crowd; making it a perfect place to practice. So next time you find yourself in LES on a Wednesday night, come check out the talent spewing from all the Itchy Fingers at N.M.P. image (1) Next Show case: June 19th @ 8pm Piece of Advice: come equipped with business cards! For more information contact: the.cain.marko@gmail.com