So for those of you that might have been worried about the 3 week hiatus, I just wanted to inform you that it is not permanent and I am here to stay!

Unfortunately, I have been dealing with so much on my plate that at times a girl cant even catch her breath. Now I do admit I have had some down time, however it was much needed and deserved.  I am currently in-between gigs which leaves only one thing on my mind… get a new gig lol. Its all I can think about. Majority of my energy and strength have been put into that… the rest goes to maintaining my relationship with my S/O, family, friends and other personal aspects of my life. I have done research on a few topics, especially the fluoride, but there is just so much to dive into and i’m afraid at this point my research is incomplete. I wouldn’t want to present a half-ass story based on the information I have now. I ask that you please continue to be patient and believe me its much appreciated!

On another note, I will continue to attend events and report back the juicy details for all of you. This means I will still be looking into new artist and entrepreneurs as well. I am happy to report that I, myself, am working on my own event and am currently in the midst of putting together a series of parties/showcases etc. with a good friend of mine. Once all the wrinkles are ironed out I will present you guys with all the information you need to come an attend. In the mean time, in between time, Thanks again for all the love and support.

…And remember don’t be afraid to inbox me/ contact me for information, questions, ideas… well you get the picture!.


Jayska xo