Hello Everyone!

Hope everyone enjoyed the GMO piece I recently posted… [and by enjoyed I mean that you were able to learn something new by the use of a good read, because the info itself is grim in nature #SadButTrue] I’d love to hear your feedback!

Any who! I’m diligently working on my next post which will dive into the use of Fluoride to treat our drinking water. I will have something up as soon as I can; there’s just a lot of reasearch to be done! So bear with me 😉

In the mean time… If anyone has any interesting topics they would like to see discussed/posted, don’t hesitate to leave a comment! This also goes to all you aspiring artist and entrepreneurs… have a show or event coming up? Or maybe you know of an artist that you want to recomend for an interview for FlashLight Media… let Jayska know about it! I can always help spread the word!


Jayska xo