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Name: Miracle D-Rellz 

Age: 23

Title: Recording Artist & Engineer

Hometown: Bronx, NY

Contact: 347.340.3656 / MiracleDrellz@Gmail.com


His music is his outlet. His lyrics are descriptive tales of his life experiences growing up in the Bronx and the struggles of those in his community.  He gathers inspiration from other artist, civil rights leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King and Malcolm X, to even a homeless person he may pass on the corner. His style is a healthy mixture of “New York state of mind” lyrics, laid out on southern beats.

Miracle’s love for music began at a very young age. He was writing songs by the age of 11 and recording by 16. With the help of some friends and supporters, he was able to produce “Lava Season” (which can be found on Datpiff.com) and is currently working on part 2. His work has been featured on several internet resources such as Mixtape Web, Hot New Hip-Hop, Juzz Roc The Mic Radio, and Reverb Nation.

Through all his adversaries as a struggling artist, Miracle looks to his family for motivation. Especially his daughter. She is a reminder of what he has worked so hard for in hopes of  creating a bright future for them as a unit. This keeps his hunger alive and passion for his music that much more intimate. Missing time from his daughter poses as a huge challenge for him, but knowing he is working for the both of them keeps a smile on his face and his pen to his pad. Imagining the doors that could open, keeps him focused on each goal at hand and the possibilities that await him in the future. He hopes to be able to pursue other avenues of art like acting and even modeling. More importantly, he aspires to be a mentor for future artist and assist those wanting to perfect their craft.

I had the privilege of meeting this artist at an open mic, in small venue located in the Lower East Side of Manhattan. His demeanor was poised, yet excited to be apart of the roster set to bless the stage. He sat by the bar patiently waiting for his name to be called, supporting all those brave acts that came before him. Filled with enthusiasm, he jumped out of his bar stool the moment the host was done pronouncing his name. The eager crowd sat in silence from his demanding presence, as he proudly introduced himself as Miracle. The DJ dropped his beat and the crowd was captivated from the beginning. As I looked around the condensed room I couldn’t help but notice the bopping heads and arms rising up and down. He unleashed an aura upon the audience that kept all eyes on him and smiles of satisfaction across the board. His energy is uncontainable and with out a doubt, will make you get out of your seat. There wasn’t a single body in the place that was not moved by his up-tempo tracks. He performed 3 that night and left everyone wanting more.