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The apple certainly doesn’t fall far from the tree,

So whatever she has I’m sure she’s passed on to me,

It’s crazy ‘cause I feel trapped in my own mind and body,

Unable to see the light and unable to break free,

I’m being pushed to become someone else,

Someone I’m not,

Just so she can be pleased,

But is that so bad of her to have asked that of me?

Especially after all shes done for me…

The line of reality and opinion is so blurred,

And with all this drama that’s occurred,

This has gone way too far and I don’t know what to do with myself,

This is a different type of loneliness,

Something far worst than I’ve ever felt,

I’m screaming inside for God to help save me,

But my body’s paralyzed with guilt,

And still in shock like this can’t be,

That I can’t react to anything,

It’s like the calm before the storm,

My veins are so cold but  atleast my heart’s still warm,

Maybe that means we still have a chance to salvage this relationship,

But I don’t think that today will be the end of this feeling,

And I will have to continue to conceal it,

At least until the day comes that she’s healed,

Then I will truly be able to be me and live life happily,

So I pray her eyes will open up and her heart will coincide,

To give her this feeling like there’s nothing to hide,

That in fact I’m a prized posession and should tap into her pride,

Proving that I’m nothing to be ashamed of,

and convince her that we can be the perfect partners in crime,

A mother and daughter Bonnie and Clyde,

and to one day to build up our strengths to commit a double homicide,

 I’m hoping together we can murder our thoughts of suicide.