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From his mouth to her ears,
She eats his words with no fear,
As he tells her exactly what she wants to hear,
You have beautiful eyes,
More beautiful than tropical skies,
You look more radiant than the sun,
Even with out getting your hair done!
I love you just the way you are,
I love you more than the moon loves the stars,

And with each verse of his “love song”,
She melts from the inside out,
She’s fallen in love with him already,
With out a shadow of a doubt,
She still listens closely as she bats her eyes,
Waiting on him to hear a thousand more lies,
Each, of course from a different guy,
Because without it she would be sick,
Anger, depression and sadness would kick in,
Its me! Its me!
Its me you should pick!

With out it she would become hungry for more,
This is just a minor set back she thinks to her self,
When they close a window; I open a door,
Finally a new boy comes along,
Becomes flirtatious and begins to sing his song,
She listens closely to him from the start,
Wrapping his words firmly around her heart,
Now strong,
And confident as ever,
She moves on,
Looking for another boy to come along,
To give her the fix that she needs,
All the compliments they dish out,
And all the attention from which she feeds.