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It’s a constant battle between good and evil,

Like I’m  a living, breathing, ying-yang,

Constantly faced with adversity and opportunity,

Tip-toeing on the tight-rope of destiny and coincidence,

Wondering, was this meant to happen to me or them?

Is this my lesson or theirs?

Am I creating my own path or am I traveling on the road most take?

And if so, who built it for us?

What are the rules… can I veer off?

And where will this lead me?

Will my beliefs grow stronger?

For me it’s always, well on the other hand…

Careful to be considerate of all moving parts,

Remember your morals… remember your values,


It’s only right and wrong that exist,

So which is it going to be?

But wait, it’s not that easy,

What about me?

What about the times when I’m down and out, in need of an escape?

Can’t I ever just catch a break?

The good guy always finishes last, remember?

And just for one day I’d like to come in first place,

The payback for all the times I let the angle on my shoulder win,

For all the times I thought of others first,

Even when my situation was so grim,

What’s in it for me?

Don’t tell me I have to wait for kindness to one day come back to me?

For it to travel all over the land and seas,

To finally spread around the world and hope that Karma will deliver it to me,

And in a way that I can truly see,

Acknowledge and appreciate,

Until then I’ll have to continue to face life’s pop quizzes and scrutinizing test of faith,

But the real question is will I receive a passing grade?…