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I can’t shake the devil that dwells with in,

Lurking in the shadows of my soul,

Unable to go a day without sin,

My paranoia and self-conscious complex comes from him,

I can try my hardest to shine,

But he keeps my light dim,

Taking away my morals and values,

Replacing them with sex, money, and valium,

Keeping me in a whirlwind of unrighteousness,

Sucked in by the fun like come light this shit son!

Morphed into a liar, cheater…

An all around deceiver,

Always looking back like what have I done?

But do you think that stops me?

Not me, Please!

I might shed a tear for the hearts that fell for me

And pray to God that one day they see that my soul has been seized,

It’s been locked in the darkest depths of hell,

And only he holds the key,

I just want to scream.

And tell you that you’re better off with out me,

Quick you still have a chance,

I’m begging you- LEAVE!!!



Image by: Giacomo