Name: Joseph “SUN” Hernandez

Age: 31

Hometown: Yonkers

Title: Spoken word artist/Poet

Contact: / 914-297-POET



If you asked the Yonkers native what keeps him motivated and focused on his goals, he’ll quickly reply-“My daughter and the fact that failure isn’t an option. I refuse to die nameless.”  To fans like me, that could never happen, but you have to love the dedication. His commitment to his work is something like a marriage; filled with obligation and responsibility, but the love and passion for it keeps his blood flowing. Creative in every right, he converts his life experiences and raw emotions into poetic expression that’s relatable to everyone. Mixed with comedy, sincerity, and realness Joseph “Sun” Hernandez brings an energy to the stage that’s not to be wrecked with.

Sophomore year of high school was the turning point for him, making the transition from fan to artist. “I was always a big music fan but it wasn’t until I started going to the city for high school that I took writing serious. Traveling from Yonkers down to 59th and Lex daily gave me a lot of alone time and I used it to get my thoughts out.”  On top of your average teen issues and complications; Sun was dealing with the death of his grandfather and turmoil at home in a very unfamiliar territory (being that he was a Yonkers kid in a city school).  So thoughts would be the last thing he could possibly run out of. With so much going on, he took to the pen like a drug to relieve him from the stresses of the world. His addiction to expression continues today, using everything around him as inspiration to write. “Now a days I still pull from my life experiences but I’ve learned that there’s a poem in everything around us. In what we hear, what we see, what we think, what we want, we’re doing this very second…it’s all a poem. It’s just a matter of finding the right combination of words to make your point.”  And finding the right words is something that appears to be second nature to him, as his statement is easier said than done, but we can all appreciate the modesty.

His work speaks for it self, literally; giving the reader details of Suns inner emotions and late night thoughts. Nothing shy of dope to say the least. If you happen to be in L.E.S you might find him at The Nuyorican Poets Café where he has been featured regularly. He’s made the city and Westchester his playground for the past 15 years, also making appearances at El Fogon, Barnard College, and The Soul Box just to name a few. This year, however, marked a significant year for him and his career. Sun released his very first chapbook containing a small collection of his poems, haikus and “Twitter Rants” – as he so eloquently puts it. The dedication alone is something to admire- which he made it out to his bloodline, “may you be better than me on your worst days”. Powerful words…wouldn’t you agree? Over 500 copies of his self printed, self created work were sold; making him one self made man. “It’s not a great deal of books considering the population in the US, but I was happy and proud of the accomplishment” (who doesn’t love a great, yet humble artist). That’s not all he’s accomplished either; like the out-of-the-box thinker that he is, Sun invested his time and talents into a new venture. “I actually just started my own limo/car service. Exquisite Car Service is the name of the company so that’s been keeping me busy.” Although he has created a new title for himself in the business world, he hasn’t lost sight of his artistic nature and hopes to return to drawing and photography. He also aspires to open a studio in Yonkers one day; a place for young artist to “sharpen their talents”. The studio would follow in his creed of making your craft/dream your life and having full dedication to what you really want to be. “You wanna be a poet…I mean a great poet and writer? Then writing has to be your life and your life about writing, only then will you make it”, admitting that this was a lesson learned for him as well.

With Sun, consistency is key and that is evident in all he does. Sticking to his plans and dreams for wanting more, you can definitely say he is well on his way. So many notches on his belt, yet he is still hungry for more. Unaffected by the negativity that can come in anyone’s way, Sun stands tall by his work and continues to share his thoughts with the world; understanding that  “There’s always going to be bumps in the road. People will hate and make your travel that much tougher, but as long as you never stop moving forward you’ll be alright”. So for all the aspiring poets and writers out there, I leave you with his message- “Write…write and write. And when you think you’re done writing, start over again”.