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This is to all the girls/guys that can be self concious at times… just know your not alone.

It’s a must to maintain this smile.

The one that everyone loves and adores, but I love more.

For all the pain it’s helped me hide,

All the grime that’s crept up inside,

For all the things I let slide and slowly overshadowed my pride.

With one good look at this Colgate like smile,

One would think happy days are a constant part of my life with limited stress and strife,

But little do they know there’s a whole other world that breeds deep inside…

With in the cracks of my smile are lined up lies with so much style, others are convinced they are the ones in denial,

Or better yet- they take it as the truth,

I’m just an Oscar winning performance with no proof,

There’s nothing that can with-stand this posture or body language

And of course this smile,

A package deal that can steal a jury and beat the trial,

I’d be a millionaire if I could bottle this all up and sell it by the vile,

I’d call it liquid lies, the master of disguise…

Named after the smooth ones I’m comprised of, minus the love.

And I can not forget to mention,

My smiles partner in crime,

Or you can call them their henchman,

My eyes, which can play along and sing the exact same song.

Jumping on the bandwagon not to give it away anymore,

Trained to shut the windows and doors that lead straight to the deepest darkest depths of my soul,

With no words they speak volumes of all things untold,

From the events that’s shaped me to everything in between that’s served as a mold,

I call them the keepers of honesty,

Because truth is what they’re harvesting,

Yet there’s no way into my forbidden land,

All entrances have been blocked off,

All apart of my master plan.

A plan without any kinks or quirks that will show as though happiness is what I “truly” behold,

And it’s so easily executed,

Because much like my smile, they too became cold.