Name: Brandon Lee Richardson

Age: 22

Hometown: Yonkers

Title: Producer/Composer Singer/Songwriter

Contact: @Brandonleerich (Twitter)



He is a young man with many talents and all the titles to go with it. He is what people would call a “jack of all trades” and wears this saying proudly; not allowing any of his attributes to go to waste. He is Brandon Lee Richardson, a music composer on a serious mission to spread the sounds of his creativity worldwide.

At the young age of 14, Brandon began his music career by making Hip-hop beats on his laptop. What started off just a pastime or hobby, eventually morphed into his purpose. Unable to play any instruments at the time, he used any music engineering program he could get access to on the internet to generate the sounds he’d been contemplating about. That would all change in his sophomore year of high school, when he began taking piano lessons and discovering more about himself. His raw talent with this and several other instruments is something as noticeable as a pink elephant standing in a room. It is all eyes on him once he begins to play the keys. Slowly, the Hip-hop beats that once banged from his speakers and echoed off his walls, faded into a soft melody which he now calls home. R&B became his new passion, or more like a calling. “As I got better with the piano, I started going towards R&B. I didn’t plan on it, things just turned out that way. It was natural”.

His innovative way of thinking is nothing short of natural as well. By the time he hit college, he was a man with a plan and there was no way of stopping him. Never losing sight on his own dream of becoming a successful music producer, Brandon worked with numerous types of artists in hopes of gaining recognition for his hard work and creativity. Now equipped with experience in composing all genres of music, he broadened his horizons and spread his wings across the board. The once ‘behind the scenes’ musical genius, stepped center stage to promote his talent to the fullest; deciding he would become the best representative to show case his skills… and he was right. Even with all the work he’s done with others, there was still no room for him to breathe -only room for improvement. Ambition is not something he lacks in the least, and with that he took to the studio to produce, write, and compose his own songs. He was now a featured artist, a singer. The work he produces is a product of his ear for good music and the fusion of all the rhythmic sounds that move him most like: Funk, Soul, R&B, and Rock.  Inspiration for his lyrics stays true to the very nature of an artist, in observing his surroundings and capturing his experiences only to express them to others.

Once Brandon transitioned from producer/composer to singer/songwriter (and everything above) he started receiving more and more recognition for his work. He is what I call a living reminder, that giving up is out of the question and persistence is the key to your destiny. “There isn’t just one way to get to your goal, there’s multiple ways to achieve what you want. I work with different people on a daily basis to get my music out there… if someone doesn’t make it big with my music, then maybe I will with my own songs”. The furniture and memorabilia that once occupied a special place in his home, were replaced by mic’s, keyboards, and other electronics; just to make it easier to lay down tracks. Productivity for him is high, creating music for others in the interim of his own projects. His goals are kept in perspective at all times though, revealing that being a singer is also a part of his marketing process. He stated once that “People get tired of artist after a while, but I can last a lifetime and no one will ever know. I can do songs for all types of artists and no one will get tired of it”. With the diversity of his talent and eclectic sound, this timeless and legendary status he speaks of, could be quite achievable for Brandon in the future.

Now, almost 5 years and 1 album later, Brandon is performing at different events and in front of live crowds, like  his headlining show at the Nyack Village Theater. His fan base has grown tremendously and I project it will continue to do so. With time, this young artist will only continue to improve on his talent and propel himself to the next level. He is heavily armed with perseverance and poses danger to the careers of those not about their business. He speaks with conviction when he explains where his music will take him and his mindset is that there is only one way to go…  and that’s up! I couldn’t agree more…



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