I found this in one of my many notebooks; dated back to 01′. I don’t feel like much has changed since then… take a look and you tell me.

Roaming the earth, looking for inspiration.


Devotion to writing,

Observing humanity,


Separating fact from fiction, reality from the dream-world

Come back to earth.

Strict right or wrong

Simple if desired,

Mostly complicated,

Filled with problems,



So much belief



Enough religion to make us hate,

But not enough to make us love one another.

Stopped roaming.

Stopped complaining.

Ignore-ation kicks in.

Observed the beauty,

Started within myself.

Questioning begins again:

What am I capable of?

Beginning to doubt.

No goals are accomplished,

No trust within myself,

No confidence in my knowledge,

The same for everyone else.

Nothing gets solved,

Nothing gets done,

A lifetime wasted on complaints and lack of faith.

Stop, step back.

Take a look at what’s wrong with this painted picture of the world today.