Our spark ignited in the Spring.

A bond birthed to a fresh start like the flowers that sprout.

Yes, love was all we were about.

Our past showers helped nurture and mature our love flowers,

and just as things seemed to be strong,

that’s when summer came along.

Yes, the heat of our passion kept things prolonged;

warmed up our hearts, creating moments that added life to our planet.

But at the same time- the heat brought havoc.

Like they say, if you can’t handle it then get out of the kitchen.

But we were persistent and insisted on fixing.

So the humidity kept us stuck together,

but with the thought of how ‘cool’ we’d be apart.

Yet those days came and went like summer nights and we were both right back at start.

Then the cool breeze that crept through the autumn trees,

made way for this space;

this air we were dying to breath.

See as the leaves changed we changed.

I shifted from green to yellow and you to red.

Both, with our minds on growth.

We were only trying to get ahead.

Yet, our goals were set on parallel tracks unaware we would never meet.

I thought the heat from our hearts was no match for this cold thought,

I could never be more wrong

Before all our leaves could freeze and all our pedals could fall,

Everything was put on pause and you let our love stall.

Much to your dismay, I can not say time was the enemy.

For we never used it wisely; took to the skies, and observed its advisories.

What I learned, was that as time evolved everything around us…

We began to change for different reasons…

and for that my love, our love, evolved and ended like the seasons.