May 5th 1862 marks the historic date,

of the victory of the violent and chaotic Battle of Puebla

in which we all commemorate.

The French Calvary invaded because of the debt Mexico evaded,

but not to any fault of their own,

their economy suffered from major wars and expensive loans.

And to much of their dismay,

So much conflict and confrontation came with the inability to pay.

Lenders had reached their ultimate boiling point,

And as a last resort,

England and Spain withdrew their support.

Left to fight with a smaller army and no help,

Mexico still went on to beat the odds

even with the weak hand they were dealt.

A significant part in Latin American history indeed.

Highlighting one of the many struggles for relief from oppression,

and continuous battles based on deception and greed.

This is one out of the many that we must remember,

not to get it confused with their independence day in September;

Which took about a decade to achieve,

But they never gave up on what they believed.

Now made into a day of festivities,

Tacos, tequila, and music,

Become the way to do this,

Even for us in the U.S,

To party and celebrate freedom;

Rejoicing over the defeat of those they were freed from.