No, this post does not involve anything naughty, so let’s get your mind out the gutter before we begin… Great! Now that’s better.

So, what I’m actually referring to is the old school social exercise we all know and love from Kindergarten. You know, the one where each student got a chance to present something of interest to their classmates. Well, reminiscent of those good ol’ days (I mean who doesn’t love nap time); I was inspired by this exercise’s underlying ability to essentially promote yourself. Not just to get comfortable with your peers, but to be given the platform to speak in front of a class full of open ears. A kiddie open mic, so to speak, about your likes, dislikes, hobbies, ect. In light of that, I’d like to begin my own version of show and tell.

Starting this week, will be launching TWITTER TUESDAYS and FACEBOOK FRIDAYS. On those two days reach out to me, through those particular social medias, about any interesting topics you would like to see discussed/posted here on I also invite anyone to give me information on themselves or of an acquaintance, regarding their art,talent, or business.

Looking forward to your responses!