I would want a million dollars to take care of my family,

To pay for all the things we need,

Just so my parents wouldn’t worry,

Not for my wants and big shopping sprees,

Not so I can run around bragging about my G’s,

Telling people how these stacks can’t fit in my skinny jeans,

It’s called priorities and responsibilities,

And I’m not a materialistic girl by any means,

I mean, I don’t see anything wrong with enjoying the finer things,

But when we loose sight of what are wants and what are needs,

We step back from unpretentiousness and become tremendously filled with greed,

As if our veins run green and money is what we bleed,

Don’t you get it?

When we die this is something that we leave,

Instead of worrying about Gucci or Louis,

And other ways to live above your means,

Think of all the homeless and hungry people to feed,

Spend some of that down time doing a good deed,

Stick to a path of humility and you’ll see where it leads,

Good relationships, health, and happiness is what it really means to succeed,

Not big jewels and new V’s,

Not blowing money fast; like it grows on trees,

But knowing that good faith and love supersedes,

That having trust in God can help you exceed way beyond you wildest dreams,

It’s just sad that money rules the world and everything in it,

That’s all that people get to see and read,

With all these commercials and show boating celebrities,

Making people believe you can not really live life without it, unfortunately.